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Discover the essence of excellence at LSI, where we transcend traditional leadership models by integrating ancestral wisdom with contemporary governance. Our mission is to infuse values-based leadership into the business landscape, guiding organizations toward meaningful social, economic, and environmental impact.

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In an era where leadership shapes the future, LSI emerges as a beacon, guiding Africa
towards integrity, consciousness, and sustainable growth. Explore our solutions tailored for
leaders from all walks of life, with a special emphasis on marginalized communities:

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within a community of likeminded visionaries. Our global recognition and partnerships with top-tier international institutions ensure accredited qualifications.

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Our international trade desk
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infusing soul and consciousness into every deal. We mandate legacy projects in every facilitated trade country

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Acknowledging the uniqueness of each challenge, our bespoke programs focus on creating actionable solutions, not just headlines.

The Leadership with a Soul Institute™ proudly hosted the flagship Annual Leading with a Soul Summit™ from Friday, October 20th, 2023, to Sunday, October 22nd, 2023, in the vibrant city of Mthatha, Eastern Cape.

The choice of this location reflects our commitment to embracing the rich cultural heritage of South Africa while fostering discussions on leadership and socioeconomic transformation.

The 2023 edition was strategically scheduled to coincide with the UN-recognized International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, emphasizing the theme of "Dignity for all in practice." The Summit aimed not only to deliberate on pressing issues but also to develop actionable plans that uplift the socioeconomic conditions of Africans and restore their dignity.

The proceedings of the Summit were not limited to the physical venue; the event was broadcast live on all relevant media platforms, including social and traditional channels. This approach ensured that individuals and organizations, locally and internationally, could follow the discussions, engage in real-time, and contribute to the shared vision of a more prosperous and dignified Africa.


This was one of the most rewarding experiences to be given the opportunity to speak on behalf of North and South America for the 6th Region representing the African Diaspora Collective (ADC-NSA). I was particularly honored to speak immediately following the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, as we pray for our African brothers and sisters living in Israel in this time of war. I am grateful to be able to give my thoughts and expertise on how WE as Africans of the Diaspora can work together globally through events like the inaugural Annual Leading with a Soul SummitTM to leverage organizations like the Leadership with a Soul Institute. Mr. Andile has been able to accomplish an gargantuan task finding our organization amongst the hundreds throughout the African Diaspora community to connect these dots to “Reimagining a Modern Traditional and Sustainable State to restore “Dignity for all in practice.” and to build a global supply chain of black excellence with the NEXT GENERATION of leaders. I look forward to working with LSI
ongoing to build the infrastructure we need, for Africans by Africans, for the future of Africa, because if we don’t do it for ourselves, nobody will…

H.E Ambassador Ms. Davisha L Johnson

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